Roman Statkowski

Wexford Opera Festival

October 2011


Conducted by Tomasz Tokarczuk

Set design: James Macnamara

Costume design: Fabio Toblini

Lighting design: Declan Randall

Projection design: Andrzej Goulding

Choreography: Edel Quinlan






Cast: Daria Masiero, Rafal Bartminski, Eleanor Greenwood, Byron Jackson, Daniel Joy, Adam Kruszewski, Krzysztof Szumanski.



“Much of the evening’s success must rest with director Michael Gieleta who wrung out every bit of theatricality and melodrama to be found in the piece….astonishing, lovingly staged.”


" One of the most successful updates I have encountered....the final apotheosis overwhelmed a stunned audience.”


“whatever one’s misgivigns about a director projecting autobiographical trauma onto such an unknown piece – it works, sometimes so interestingly that the staging almost gets in the way of the opera itself” ****


“Michael Gieleta's staging makes use of film and photographs to translate the original 18th-century setting to the period of Solidarity, which hits home powerfully”


“"Michael Gieleta having turned it into a national saga... cast and chorus delivered with ferocious passion


“The production… is a hard-hitting piece of theatre that makes an indelibly powerful impact.”