Peter Shaffer

Maltz Jupiter Theater

October 2012


Set design: Philip Witcomb

Costume design: Fabio Toblini

Lighting design: Keith Parham

Projections design: Andrzej Goulding






Cast: Tom Bloom, Ryan Garbayo, Alexis Bronkovic, Traci Bair, Gail Byer, Jeffrey Bruce, Michael Brian Dunn, Leon Howard, Richmond Hoxie, Gannon McHale, Rowan Michael Meyer, Kiel Peterson, Stephen Pilkington, Ric Stoneback.




"A dazzling triumph” *****


“Director Michael Gieleta’s production is certainly worth a ticket, especially for the superlative look and feel of this lush yet decaying world”


“Brilliantly tragic…cracking good theater though, and director Michael Gieleta has brought out a thousand little details of sound, light and shadows to accentuate the drama.”